From the CubMaster!

Sincerest thanks go out to the 14 scouts and their parents who volunteered with the Scouting for Food drive! We donated over 1,400 pounds of food to Nicanor, including a frozen turkey! They were grateful for our help and hope we can work together again. I have heard several people say it was easy and fun, and I know the recipients appreciate all of your efforts. Thank you for making it successful!

December Theme: Kind

“Acts of kindness that are helpful to our friends, our family, and our community create a wonderful domino effect. Those we help will think about what they can do to spread kindness to others. We can do nice things for others every day, and we should not expect something in return—for we are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. We are Scouts!”


June - August 2017

Grayson and Father

@ Camp Ware

(Summer 2017)

Grayson came to us as a Tiger Scout and now he is a Wolf. Grayon has shown great scout spirit all scouting season. This was especially evident at Sunfest where Grayson was helping other boys build cars for the vegetable derby. He was out in front of our recruitment table actively recruiting, engaging and being proud of what scouts are and what scouts do. Grayson attends his den meetings and completes all of his ventures, helps at pack meetings and always does it with a smile.

September 2017

Charlie Selling Popcorn

@Royal Farms Show and Sell

(September 2017)

Charlie had to use a public bathroom when he found a wallet on the floor. Looked at the driver’s license to find it was the gentlemen who just used the restroom. Quickly ran to the gentlemen and return the lost wallet. The person who lost the his wallet was thankful and Charlie was so excited about what he did he couldn't hold back to tell his father.

October 2017


Holding the SOM Scout Spirt Key

(October 2017)

Andrew shared his sales with two other scouts and was still able to get to the scholarship amount. Twice he invited Scouts from his Den who were leery of selling on their own. One time sharing sales with two other scouts for the same show and sale. He showed the Scout traits of Kind, Thrifty, Cheerful and Loyal. In doing so those two other Scouts will now not have to worry about paying dues this year!

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