Monthly Bear Den Update:

  • A hobby is something you enjoy doing in your spare time. It could be anything from building model airplanes, model railroading, reading, singing, playing a musical instrument, leather crafting, stargazing, and/or fishing. The list of hobbies is endless. You can collect just about anything, too, such as miniature toy cars, lunch boxes, patches, baseball cards, stamps, coins, postcards, and/or drawings. You may already have a group of one of your favorite things at home, but you’ve never called it a collection. The Wolf Den learned that collecting things is a neat way to celebrate who you are. They choose to collect something that has special meaning to them personally or makes them happy. What they collected was done for their own enjoyment, so it can be whatever they wanted! Keep in mind that collections don’t have to cost a lot. Some people collect rocks, colored bottles, autographs, movie and concert posters, and many other items that are free. Others collect fishing lures, key chains, ceramic dogs, action figures, marbles, and other items that don’t cost a lot of money. The boys shared their collected items, which included "Colts" coupons, smashed pennies from various locations, chemicals that were collected (Assistant Den Leader's Collection), etc. The Wolf Den explored what they were interested in, fascinated by, amazed at, and liked a lot. They have now started a coin collection of all of the state coins to be placed in a map display. We can't wait to share them with you.

Den Leader: Anna Santiago

Assistant Den Leader: Will Pitcock


Meetings Held on Monday at 6:30pm

American Legion Hall Rising Sun, MD 21911

NOTE: Meeting times and location may vary, check the calendar or contact the Den Leader with link on name.

The Bear badge can be earned by boys who have completed second grade, or who are nine years old. One of the Bear achievements involves earning the “Whittling Chip” wallet card. By earning this, the Bear has learned the fundamentals of knife safety.